Six Word Saturday ~ I’ve Decided to Keep my Memories

This past week I was assaulted with a video clip I “stumbled upon” showing my ex announcing his engagement. I was quite surprised by this announcement and it took me most of the week to come to terms with it.

When he and I were together we did a lot of traveling and most of it was down the same paths I travel now. I am always slammed with dozens of memories and most of them happy ones because they are of times when we were out having fun.

These memories often make me melancholy, this week they brought me to tears. But I don’t want the memories of our happy times to make me sad so I switch to the bad memories. I hate recalling the bad memories but if I did not remember that touching the stove burned me I would touch it again. In that respect bad memories are our survival.

Memories- Me(c)

My uncle died this week and I am smiling. This is what memories do. I haven’t seen him or talk to him in years. He was my mother’s brother-in-law (my mom has been gone for 20 years now), her next oldest sister’s husband and she fussed at him whenever we were together. He would just laugh. That is what I remembered when I got the message of his passing. It made me smile.

I hope your memories do too.

White font Memories(w)

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