Share Your World: Week 47

List at least 50 Things You Enjoy!

I am grateful for (not necessarily in this order)
1. Digital Photography
2. Tommy
3. Kelly
4. Andrew
5. The grand-kids
6. Danielle for loving Tommy
7. Shanna for loving Andrew
8. My beautiful siblings
9. their spouses
10. and children
11. My awesome cousins
12. my step family
13. My family from other marriages/engagement
14. My friends
15. all of them
16. especially Laurie and her family, which is like my family
17. and Linda
18. and Sally
19. and Kathy
20. and Sue
21. and Susan
22. and Michelle
23. and my Amy…
24. and Rick
18. and Carole
19. and Vonnie
20. and my photog friends
21. and all my friends and friends of friends.
22. and my all besties
23. and all the men I have loved before..
24. I’m grateful for the English language which lets me pose my prose.
25. I’m grateful for being born in the U S of A.
26. I’m grateful for my job and the little perks it provides me
27. I’m grateful for my eye for photography, it makes me see beauty even when beauty is hard to see.
28. I’m grateful for my way with words. I can’t always say it but chances are I can write it.
29. I’m grateful for wine; yes there I said it. Truth be known I m also grateful for rum.
30. I’m grateful for pay days
31. Vacation days
32. Holidays
33. Hell, even bereavement days
34. And speaking of work..I am grateful for work friends; those that make it more enjoyable than chorable
35. like Chase
36. and Danny
37. Kristen
38. and Brian
39. and even Dave
40. I am grateful for the little trips I can take
41. Like Roanoke
42. and Gettysburg
43. Harper’s Ferry
44. and Virginia Beach
45. and grateful I live so close to beautiful day trips
46. like DC
47. and Culpeper, Virginia
48. and Leesburg, Virginia
49. and all the wonderful wineries in Virginia!
50. I’m so grateful for my simple life. I am truly blessed and pretty darned lucky!
Thanks Cee for reminding me, I might have forgot had you not.

And I am grateful for Country Roads

And I am grateful for Country Roads

9 thoughts on “Share Your World: Week 47

  1. I like “pose my prose”! I’m not so sure about country roads, though. They can be tricky especially when you half to reverse half a mile to allow on-coming traffic past 😦
    Great list!


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