Utica Covered Bridge

When I went on my vacation to Gettysburg Pennsylvania in October I did it in my favorite way, taking short cuts as I go. My first detour was about a hour into my trip just outside of Frederick Maryland. I had been to Utica Covered Bridge before but that was several years ago. It seemed like a good opportunity to revisit.

I’m glad that Cee has challenged us this week to show pictures of bridges givng me the opportunity to share these.

This bridge was believed to have been built in 1843 over the Monocacy River and named Devilbiss Road Covered Bridge. After a flood washed away much of it in 1889 it was reconstructed and moved to Utica Road in 1891. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on June 23, 1978 and continues to be well maintained.

My second stop was The Roddy Road Covered Bridge. You can see that by clicking here.

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