Sky Watch Friday: After the Rain

I was recently challenged by some of my photog friends on facebook to share five of my favorite pictures of sunsets. This wasn’t one I shared but it is from the same day of one I shared. When I posted that one is was with the caption that there was a story about that day. I got a bunch of likes but no one asked about the story even though I had this picture waiting in the wings to illustrate it.

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This, I suppose is why I have a blog. I can tell my story whether anyone asks or not.

It was July 3, 2012 and a terrible summer storm had just passed. My (then) fiancé and I had debated going to Skyline Drive to shoot the sunset. We thought it would most likely be too cloudy but at the last moment decided to chance it. We ran into plenty of clouds but had left early enough to get some elevation. We were thoroughly rewarded for our trouble. The coolest thing is that this was the first time I had ever been above the fog/clouds like this. I’ll never forget it.

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14 thoughts on “Sky Watch Friday: After the Rain

  1. That is beautiful! You certainly were rewarded for your journey. I’ve only been up above the clouds like that a few times and each time had a special feeling about it.


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