Travel Theme: Freedom

Freedom means different thing to different people. I recently had a conversation with my brother who said unless we grow our own food and source our own water and electric we can never truly be free. I don’t feel quite as extreme about it and equate my freedom more with a feeling than an actuality; like the freedom you get from the open road.


13 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Freedom

  1. I think that you could ask a million different people what freedom means and you would get a million different answers, and probably a different answer on any given day. Your brother believes freedom is not having to rely on public utilties. You feel freedom is the open road. I feel freedom is being free from the people that are trying to control me and force their own beliefs on me and in a very painful way. I also think that freedom is being able to depend on yourself and not having to depend on other people (most of them are not dependable anyway. LOL)


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