10 Best Blogging Ideas of 2014

1. Cee adding “what are you grateful for” to Share Your World.
I like that it makes me think about the my week past and the one coming up. It helps me to stay grateful every week.

2. Making Saturdays about me and the Ups and Downs of my Life
You will find bits and pieces of me throughout my posts but Saturdays are saved specifically to share things that are going on with me personally and my life. It’s a great outlet for me.

3. My Best of the Week post on Sundays.
This started out as a weekly challenge from another blogger but when she dropped it I continued. Sometimes my best of the week is an awesome picture sometimes its a good story. Sometimes, if I am really lucky, it is both.

4. My Weekly Quote post on Mondays.
Another weekly post that started out as a challenge but was dropped by the host. I enjoyed it so much I made it part of my weekly line up. I especially like these posts because I am mindful of it all week. I pay attention to conversations, the news, pop culture, whatever is trending in my world.

5. Making Wednesdays my creative writing day
Sometimes this day gets crowded and other times it seems to go unnoticed but by making one day and one day only for my writing it helps me to stay focused and hopefully my followers who enjoy my writing will know when and where to look and those that don’t care about reading an unpublished author know when to stay away.

6. Jo’s Monday Walk
I don’t take part in this non-challenge as a blogger but I enjoy reading the posts. It’s a wonderful way to travel from the comfort of your home or as usually my case the cafeteria during my lunch break.

7. Jennifer Cole’s One Word Photo Challenge.
I’ve learned some great new colors and at times been able to create some interesting posts out of my search/research.

8. Nancy Merrill’s A Photo a Week challenge.
I enjoy the topics Nancy comes up with. Often they seem to be more about emotion than objects. I think this comes from her being a portrait photographer more than a landscape photographer. She makes me stretch my creative muscle.

9. A Lingering Look at Architecture from earlier in the year was a lot of fun for me although I had few participants and even fewer hits.
I really enjoyed this challenge though, and I am debating bringing it back in 2015.

10. What would my blog be without my weekly A Lingering Look at Windows?
We will soon find out as I switch this challenge from a weekly to a monthly.

So there you have it my best of /favorite blogging ideas from 2014. Do you have a favorite?

P is for Power Quote (w)# (17)


21 thoughts on “10 Best Blogging Ideas of 2014

  1. Can I be a little bit biased? 🙂 🙂 Thank you so much for the mention, Dawn. It was such a surprise! I’m glad you enjoy the walks. You have an interesting variety of challenges. I’m afraid I’m a bit of a one trick pony these days but I do still have a gander in the odd window. 🙂 Hope you have a nice Christmas planned? Very best wishes for 2015.


  2. Share Your World every week, but I am looking for other things to add this year. This list gives me some new ideas, so thank you!


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