New in Town: Tippy’s Bakery

There’s a new bakery in town. Tippy’s is taking over where the former Sweet Annie’s was. This is a big step for my friend Tiffany Hockman.


32 years old with 4 boys ranging from the age of 14 to 3, Tiffany already had her hands full. Then in August shortly after her oldest son turned 14 he was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. A month later Tiffany quit her job at the manufacturing plant where we both worked to focus on his health.

Fast forward four months and Tiffany with support from her husband DJ purchased the bakery business from Sweet Annie.
Tippy's (3)

Tiffany has been baking cakes at home for years, specializing in artistic specialty cakes and recipes for people with dietary restrictions, so she is not a complete novice but owning and running a business is new for her.

Tippy's (2)

I’m so proud of her, of both her and DJ. I think this shows amazing courage and I wish them nothing but success.

Tippy’s is located at 130 North Massanutten St, next to The Emporium, in Strasburg, Virginia. They are opened from 11-4 Thursday thru Sunday.

Visit Tippy’s and tell me what you think.

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