Dear Future Husband

My blogging friend PJ from Inspiring My Emotions posted a letter to her future husband in response to a blogging 101 Challenge. I got such a kick out of hers I decided to do one myself.

Have a read and tell me what you think.

Dear Future Husband,

I have been waiting for you my whole life. I didn’t think I would ever meet a man who would treat me both as a woman and a partner, that’s not an easy feat but yet you manage it beautifully.

There are just so many things I love about you. I love the way we can be honest with each other even if it hurts but we both never go out of our way to hurt the other.

I love how when you make a mistake you own it and when I make one I am forgiven. It’s never a contest to be right or the winner. We are old enough to realize that when one of us is a winner the other is a loser. You never make me feel like a loser and you are always a winner in my eyes.

I love how we both enjoy our alone time as much as we enjoy our together time and realize one is just as important as the other.

I love how we can share the same space and not talk but the silence is never uncomfortable.

I love how you make me laugh.

I love how our ideals are similar but not identical; this challenges me and makes me think. It helps me to remember that there is a world outside of our own and we need to be ever mindful of it.

I love how at the end of the day when you kiss me goodnight it reminds me of how good we are together.

Until death do us part,
~ Dawn

If you know this guy please have him contact me 😉 I already have the church picked out.

St. Peters Catholic Church

St. Peters Catholic Church

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