Garden Bench

When I saw that my blogging friend Jude had started her own challenge I knew I had to join in. I find it quite interesting that so many of us photographers are drawn to the same inanimate objects. I have a slew of pictures of benches to meet the challenge but this first one from a garden of lavender is one of my favorites.

Lavender Farm(w)# (1)

Bench Photo Challenge

23 thoughts on “Garden Bench

  1. Oh, Dawn, this is a beauty! I’d love to sit there surrounded by the scent of the lavender and the buzz of the bees. I can smell it! (Might need a cushion though, those benches are pretty, but can be a bit hard to sit on) 😉
    Thanks for joining in.


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  3. I linked here from Jude’s list – and so glad I did – I call this the headache bench. or wait, the headache remover – because I just think sitting on this would allow one to oak up the lavender and that can be so healing. A couple years ago I was fighting off a chest gunk thing and the small pot of lavender in my yard was so helpful – I would rub some pieces – leaves and flowers – between my hands and whew – powerful stuff – so pleasant. anyhow, looking forward to your other benches – and have a nice day


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