Lingering Look at Architecture ~ February: Abandoned

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I often take pictures of buildings that appear to be abandoned. I’m not sure abandoned is always the correct word because as in the case with this place there are clearly signs of life around the premises. There are rows of baled hay that line the driveway and tire tracks that lead just beyond the home and to the right.

I was drawn to this house because for one the sky that day was amazing and two because my youngest is now in the business of replacing transformers such as this one, which has obviously been abandoned long ago.

Rusty Transformer(w)

16 thoughts on “Lingering Look at Architecture ~ February: Abandoned

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  2. Very cool house and beautiful sky! I will have to check back to see everyone’s entries. I love old, abandoned looking places. I’ll have to see if I can find something for the theme too. Everything rots away so soon after being abandoned here though!


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