Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward

Personally I think this winter has been miserable. My friend says it is really no worse than winter’s past. I suppose she is right. I heat with fuel oil and I remember one winter the price rose to almost $5.00 a gallon. This year has been the lowest I can remember at under $3.00 a gallon.

There was the year we got the Snowmageddon and were without power for three days. We heat with oil but the furnace is an electric start.

Yes, I suppose this winter hasn’t been too bad, comparatively. Maybe it’s my age that thinks it’s worse. I seem to have less tolerance for the cold, and am more fearful of ice etc. I also seem to be better at making excuses to stay inside and in my pajamas than I have ever been able to before. As scrumptious as that sounds I am suffering.

But not for long, spring is coming, even though we may still get our biggest storm of the season yet, a we have many times in March. I think I am gonna make it and when I do, I will be rewarded.

Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward

17 thoughts on “Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward

  1. Oh Dawn I am with you. The winter of 2015 is the third snowiest winter on record for New England and it has come all in about four to five weeks as opposed to the usual four months. You would think that would make it better but we have not had a melt and that is why we are so buried. I am so looking forward to forty degrees tomorrow even if it is only for a few hours. We are starting to consider 25 degrees as balmy.


  2. Great way to look at it. I’ll keep that in mind when it snows (supposedly) tonight. PJ’s sound like a plan. 😊👍
    (I love the shot with the sun through the tree. Great pix, Dawn)


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