Story Book Corner: How Daddies Make Dreams Come True

Story Book Corner is a monthly fiction writing challenge of between 300-500 words inspired by a single picture prompt.


Dustin grew up around here. He knew who owned which farm and who was leasing. He knew where the cows grazed and the hogs were penned. He had worked on most of the area farms his whole life. He helped plant potatoes in the spring and bale hay in the fall.

Dustin longed to have a farm of his own but he didn’t have the family or money that most successful farmers in this county had. All he had was a love of farming and a dream.

Dustin and Sally had been sweethearts since 5th grade when Sally asked Dustin to dance with her at the spring dance.
Now Sally was about to graduate from community college and she wanted to get married.

Dustin didn’t want to marry until they had their own farm and told Sally they would have to wait. Sally went home to cry and her father comforted her.

Dustin and Sally were married in the spring and moved into their new home on the land next to Sally’s home place. Dustin got his farm and Sally got her husband.

And that’s how Daddies make dreams come true.

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