Wooden Bench at MSV

Today’s bench comes to you from The Museum of the Shenandoah Valley. Same place all those hub caps came from.

I find this picture slightly annoying because any way I straighten it something seems a little off, either the barn, the light, or the bench. I chose to edit it with the bench straight since that is the subject of the picture today. If you want to look at the other two objects, tilt your head just a little.

Wooden benches(w)# (1)

Wooden Benches

11 thoughts on “Wooden Bench at MSV

  1. I often have photos like this that no matter how hard you try the distortion is always obvious in one object or another! So frustrating.

    Sometimes I use a focal point for these images and blur the other objects. The curve of the barn roof doesn’t help, but it is a magnificent barn. Can I turn the bench around so I can face the barn? Or is there an even better view?
    Jude xx


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