Friday Fictioneers: Cold

Welcome to Friday Fictioneers where each week close to 100 people participate in a flash fiction challenge based on a photo prompt.


This week’s photo: Copyright: Sandra Cook

And now my 100 word story:

Danny hadn’t meant to kill Catrina. He went to her apartment to reason with her. The bitch was taking all his money for child support; support for a child he never wanted.

She had lied about being on the pill and she lied to the judge. Danny had just wanted to reason with her but she laughed at him and he hit her. She went down hard hitting her head on the hearth.

Now he was stuck with a baby that wouldn’t shut up. He had tried everything. Finally he covered her mouth tightly until she was quiet.

84 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Cold

  1. You did an excellent job with this one, Dawn. How did you get there? Maybe the cold of winter, the frost, mimicked by what he did? Cold as his heart? Just my guesses, but who cares? Your story worked well.



    • Actually I did have in mind a murder that happened in our little town 20 years ago and was never solved. The ex-boyfriend in that case was cleared and the baby never was found. So the stump made me think of a baby being buried there but then I thought so close to the bridge, a dog would have found it. Anyway, that’s kind of where this story came from.
      Since you asked 😉

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  2. Dear Dawn,

    Just children hoping to be loved….

    Where have I heard those words before? Your story is chilling and exact and human in every respect. Killer tale




  3. Couldn’t bring myself to hit the “like” button because I didn’t like what was happening… but you wrote it so well to evoke this reaction. If you had a “good job” button, I would have hit (no pun intended for your MC) that.


  4. Wow! I’ve read about five stories so far, and all are quite morbid. Is it the Friday the 13th thing? But, you’ve written your piece well. Congrats!


  5. Well Dawn this is only my tenth FF read tonight but I think I might have my baseball bat next to the bed. It really is Friday the 13th tonight! 🙂


  6. Good story, Dawn. I have to wonder what Danny does next. How does he react to the quietness of his”unwanted” child. Is he truly as cold as depicted, does he continue on a cold blooded killer… Or is he filled with regret. Does he try to save the child…. The possibilities.


  7. This sounds like the stuff you read about so often in the paper and see on TV. There are so many disturbed people in the world. I agree that this was grim but really well written, Dawn. — Suzanne


  8. …She lied about the pill, she lied to the judge,Danny is pure as the driven snow obviously – not!!
    Nightmare scenario, well written Dawn


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