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On Saturday I journeyed about two hours from where I live to Annapolis Maryland. The next morning I was due to be another 30 minutes east at the home of my step mother for our Annual Easter Eggstravaganza, so I decided to spend the day visiting Annapolis with some friends and the night at a local hotel to make sure an early arrival for the Sunday festivities. My friends met me at my hotel where I was allowed to check in early and then we went off on our adventure.

I planned little for the day because I thought we would be walking around enjoying the sights. The weather forecast called for gloominess but I ignored it, thinking, I suppose, that by doing so I could make the gloominess go away.

The one place I planned to visit was St. Mary’s Catholic Church , one of the oldest Catholic churches in the area. But I forgot about Saturday mass.

When we got to the church I stuck my head inside and found a large congregation in prayer. I quickly escaped before being noticed by any earthly creatures.

Sadly I didn’t get any pictures of the inside of the church only the outside. We didn’t stay out there long before the wind blew us back to the car. Then we were off to have lunch and a cocktail, inside activities. Hopefully next weekend we can be outdoors.

St. Mary's Outdoors

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