Velvet Verbosity: A Top Shelf Kinda Day

Four-year-old Madeline moved the chair to the counter and climbed up. She reached the top shelf and got her favorite bowl then made her decent.

She slid the chair into the pantry and used it to reach the cereal and then looked in the refrigerator for milk. There was just enough but she knew her mother would be mad if she didn’t save it for her coffee so she put it back. She grabbed the orange juice, poured it over her cereal, and went to watch cartoons.

“Mommy will say I am a big girl”, she thought with a smile.

Sunrise in Sepia(w)

This post is in response to the 100 word writing challenge from Velvet Verbosity where we are asked to write 100 words inspired by a single prompt. This week’s word is Shelf.

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