Choices: The Hook Up

Welcome to Friday Fictioneers where each week close to 100 people participate in a flash fiction challenge based on a photo prompt.


This week’s photo: Copyright: Jennifer Pendergast

And now my 100 word story:

Jan felt her phone vibrate again. It had been going off like that ever since she put up a new photo on her dating profile.

She headed to her favorite café, settled in with a glass of Merlot, and began reading her messages.

She sipped and smiled, sipped and grimaced as she systematically selected possible suitors. They had to be charismatic; their words flirtatious and charming.

She replied to her favorite five and before she finished her glass of wine was sexting with two of them.

This was her Friday night foreplay and she loved it.

Now to choose for Saturday.

87 thoughts on “Choices: The Hook Up

  1. I suppose the better sexter lands the Saturday night date. But there’s still sufficient fodder for the rest of the week. Nice one Dawn.


  2. I love the title, and these are interesting choices for her. I like all the details, too, the cafe as traditional meeting place, instead she flirts through her phone…


  3. You’ve thrown us right into her world and made it so real. I’m not sure what Saturday night holds, but I suspect it’ll be quite different from mine!


  4. Dawn,
    I love your use of the prompt. I briefly considered using the “coupling” aspect of the picture. You did a great job with it. I can’t say that would be the lifestyle for me, but some people… 🙂


  5. An entertaining take on the prompt!
    And it is interesting how you created this story from the picture.


  6. This is a new version of safe sex–so long as no creepy stalkers are tracking her location. I wonder how many broken hearts will be left in the wake of this particular Friday night. Fun and imaginative work, Dawn.

    All my best,
    Marie Gail


  7. This is so well done, Dawn. You paint the picture of the woman sitting ithere ‘sexting’ brilliantly. I detect an undercurrent of lonliness, perhaps – although your penultimate line refutes that! And she had her glass of Merlot and thoughts of tomorrow night to keep her going. Let’s hope she picks a good ‘un to contine the ‘Friday night foreplay’. :).


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  9. I really liked this story a lot. It’s a testament of what the world of dating is like these days. It’s what makes me reluctant to put myself out there in the dating world.


  10. Dawn,
    Your story started a few sparks in this shall we say, older and wiser, crowd. Hee hee
    I’ve watched my adult son swipe through possible women to date on his smart phone. Swipe right for possible yes, swipe left definite no and I’m not sure where you swipe the obvious sex for money girls. It was fascinating to observe this strange behavior but I didn’t ask about any sexting or hooking up. However, I did drop condoms into the conversation several times over the weekend.
    Be safe out there, 🙂


    • LOL…good mom! I think that swiping one os called Tinder. The Washington Post Magazine did a story on the latest dating “apps” and one was simply swiping left and right by appearance. I’m glad me and my kids are out of the dating scene!


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