Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Rebecca’s Choice

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers uses a picture prompt and asks for stories between 75-175 words.

This picture
Inspired my story:

Rebecca sat on the front porch of her mother’s home keeping a careful eye on the mail box. She tried to act casual but inside she was a bundle of nerves. Six months ago her boyfriend had been arrested and taken to the county jail after they had a loud and violent fight. Rebecca knew she was lucky she hadn’t been charged in the incident as well.

The episode had left her homeless and jobless but her mother took her in. She didn’t charge Rebecca any rent but Rebecca paid in the constant verbal reminders her mother made to her poor decision-making.

Rebecca knew her mother was right but yet here she sat waiting for a letter from the man she loved. He was due to get out soon and she wanted nothing more than to be with him again.

35 thoughts on “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Rebecca’s Choice

  1. Great story. It gives an example of …perhaps one of the reasons why people return to an unsatisfactory relationship. What is the lesser of the two evils??? There may be little choice!


  2. Oh dear! Sounds like she needs to be listening to her mother. Wonder what it is going to take to get her to open her eyes before its too late?? Great story Dawn!


  3. Great story! It’s such a tough situation! When someone you love does something bad, even when it hurts you sometimes you just can’t help but to stick by them.


  4. Great story. Relationships are very complicated. Little does her mother know that her very own criticism of her daughter is driving right back into this bad relationship. Well done.:)


  5. Great story, Dawn. It’s often hard for people to let go of someone they’re besotted with, no matter how badly they’re treated or what hardships they cause. Rebecca can’t wait to have him back and her mother’s attitude is just making her want him more. 🙂


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  7. I actually find this sad. When people are treated way less than they deserve, they know it, yet still keep going back. It’s like they are attached with a tight ropes which can’t be cut loose. This is a great story!


    • Thank you. I find it sad too. I was surprised at the comments blaming the mom and not the young woman for her poor decision making. Its obviously a bad relationship, yet she is drawn to it. Very curious. I wish I had become a psychologist! lol

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  8. Poor Rebecca. This situation is as difficult as it is realistic. Sadly, it’s a reality for too many.

    Rebecca’s already feeling down and disappointed in herself and the situation. Her mother isn’t helping anything by constantly reminding and criticizing Rebecca in quick, disguised jabs. She might not be physically assaulting Rebecca, but she is emotionally and psychologically (in Rebecca’s POV).

    No one, not even Rebecca herself, seems to be encouraging her to make things better. So maybe she’ll go back to what’s familiar. Maybe she at least had happy moments among the bad ones with that guy, unlike with her mother 😦


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