Sunday Photo Fiction: Cheryl’s Choice

Welcome to Sunday Photo Fiction where every week we are challenged to write a 100-200 word story based on a photo prompt.

This week’s photo

inspired my story:

Cheryl got home from work just before 1 am. She looked disgustingly at her boyfriend passed out on the sofa and sent a text to her sister three states away. “I need to visit. I hate my life. I’ll be there by morning”. While she packed her overnight bag she received a reply “My couch is your couch; can’t wait to see you.”

Cheryl arrived in record time. The sight of her sister Linda made her crumble and the tears she had carefully kept in check flowed freely.

Linda listened as her older sister told her about her abusive relationship. She was confused about why Cheryl stayed until she revealed the truth. “I’m pregnant”.

Linda was shocked. Cheryl already had one child by a previous relationship. She was dismayed at her sister’s predicament but kept her thoughts to herself.

Cheryl told her sister about the man she lived with. He didn’t work, he drank excessively, and she suspected he was using drugs. “I want an abortion” Cheryl confessed. Linda was stunned. This was not the way they had been raised.

The two sisters talked throughout the day. They laughed, they cried and they cried some more.

By the end of the weekend Linda held her sister’s face in her hands and looked her in the eye. “You are important to me; as important as my children, as important as our parents. I love you. I support you”.

Cheryl cried again and hugged her sister hard. “Now I just have to tell mom”.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: Cheryl’s Choice

  1. A power story here!
    I hope Cheryl’s parents support her, but from the sound of things, they may have a difficult time in accepting her choice.


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