Six Word Saturday ~ We Face New Choices Every Day

This week I have been talking about choices. I described my quest beginning Wednesday morning when I wrote Five Sentences- Hunt.

I expanded on the theme when I posted my Sunday Fiction piece posted later that morning Cheryl’s Choice. The story of another woman who will have to live with her choices is told in Rebecca’s Choice.

It turned out I had one more story in me regarding women’s choices when I churned out the story of Jan and her Choice.

Not to be left out I added a 100 word essay at the end of the day describing some of my choices, aka Indulgences.

What choice will you face today?

Choice Maxwell 2w

11 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday ~ We Face New Choices Every Day

  1. I choose to accomplish one major (major due to time and energy expended to complete) and one minor project beyond the normal weekender type tasks.

    Choosing not to choose, is in itself, a choice.


  2. I am trying to decide which exercise class I want to take before I am the raffle master at my toastmaster area contest. Then I have to figure out what I am going to do before my painting party tonight.


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