Velvet Verbosity: Misbehave

I used to be a man about this town when I was younger. Before my wife I had a couple of girlfriends but when Sandy got pregnant my father told me I should marry her so I did.

We had a good life. We raised four kids and were happy.

I used to drink some but after our second child Sandy told me to quit, so I did.

Sandy passed away last year and after that my daughter told me to start walking more so I do.

I’m an old man. I don’t misbehave, just do as I am told.

Queen Street, Strasburg, Virginia

Queen Street, Strasburg, Virginia

This post is in response to the 100 word writing challenge from Velvet Verbosity where we are asked to write 100 words inspired by a single prompt. This week’s word is Misbehave.

15 thoughts on “Velvet Verbosity: Misbehave

  1. Well written. The repeat of ‘so i did’ is very effective. I can’t help feeling sorry for him. He seems to have gone through life making very few decisions for himself.


  2. I like this twist on the theme of misbehaving! The character may have done what was expected of him but his character was quite unexpected for this theme.


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