Black and White: Numbers

I was going to go out and shoot some new photos for this challenge but after visiting 612 Vineyard last weekend I decided to look for pictures I had of other vineyards named with numbers. I visited 868 Vineyards and Winery 32 back in October.

Then I decided to look for other photos of numbers and found…

The Strasburg Heritage sign from when I blogged about The Color Melon.

The Dr. Pepper Sign is brought to you by this post, it is kind of an interesting story as to why those numbers appear on the sign.

The speed limit sign I thought was amusing when I first visited Morven Park in June of 2013.

And last but certainly not least is a picture of my grandson with the jersey of his favorite Baltimore Ravens player when we visited the city in August of 2013

Please click on the individual picture to get a clearer view of that image

Black and White: Numbers

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9 thoughts on “Black and White: Numbers

  1. Great number photos! Your grandson has a beautiful smile. And what a sweety for allowing you to take a photo of him. The boys in my family are not cooperative about that!


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