I Need Ghost Stories for Children

This week in my facebook photo group the theme was Cemeteries and Statuary. It didn’t take long for things to get eerie. My friend George posted a photo first up and remarked how the particular scene always spooked him. I dared him to write a piece of flash fiction based on the picture and he did. You can read it by clicking the author’s name: George F. Hoffman.

In two weeks I am going on a semi camping trip. there will be lots of little children and none of them are mine so I would love to scare them with some good old-fashioned campfire stories. I hereby challenge my blogging buddies to come up with some short stories (100-300 words) fit for 6-10 year-old’s around the campfire. Can you do it?

Feel free to use any of the pictures as prompts or not. But link up to this post or leave yours in the comments. And thank you in advance. Hehehe.

Culpeper National Cemetery(w)

Hometown Cemetaries(e)# (w) (3)

Hometown Cemetaries(e)# (w) (1)


ring of fire(w)


I tried to make it look creepy.

I tried to make it look creepy.

Abandoned(w)# (2)

Abandoned Sky(w)

30 thoughts on “I Need Ghost Stories for Children

  1. Great spooky pictures! I’ll see if I can condense the ghost story I wrote into 100-150 words, although I can’t promise anything. Short fiction is not my forte!


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  6. For some reason it doesn’t scare me to walk through a cemetery. I know it freaks some people to think of ghosts…but I never even consider them. I hate scary movies though and never watch them…and I’m just not into that kind of stuff.
    But I know this is intended to be all in good fun.

    Happy Saturday!


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