Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Bird Dancer

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers uses a picture prompt and asks for stories between 75-175 words.

This week my story is written to be a campfire story fit for 5-10 year-old’s. I am going on a camping trip in a few weeks and need some campfire stories for this audience. I’d like to invite my fellow writing bloggers to help me collect some stories for my trip so I have proposed a quick challenge. You can read about my suggestion by clicking the link I Need Ghost Stories for Children. Feel free to use the prompts provided in that post or any others (like the ones from Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers or other challenges) just leave a pingback on I Need Ghost Stories for Children so I can find it.

This picture
Inspired my story:

Arista was a beautiful ballerina who performed on some of the world’s most famous stages. Her best friend was Stella her understudy. Stella wanted to be lead ballerina but she knew as long as Arista was around she would always be second best.

One day Stella was in the city and stopped at the fountain. She threw in a coin and made a wish “I wish Arista would fly away”. That night at rehearsal Arista did not show up. She wasn’t there the next night either and when the show opened she wasn’t there then either. The police searched for her but could not find her.

Stella was happy to be the new lead ballerina. She missed her friend and worried about what happened to her but she loved the applause and the attention of being the star.

At the close of the show Stella returned to the fountain. She threw in a coin “I wish I could see my friend again”. Just then the great swan spread its wings and charged Stella from the water. Stella was knocked off balance. She fell and hit her head.

When she woke up in the hospital both of her legs were in casts. Her mother was at her side. She looked so sad when she told Stella she would never dance again.

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  1. A great lesson to be put across to kids, and in a really interesting way. I used to love Girl Guide camp when I was young (although I was a few years older than your group will be). Exciting stories will be something they can remember.


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