Sunday Photo Fiction: Remember the Grasshopper

Welcome to Sunday Photo Fiction where every week we are challenged to write a 100-200 word story based on a photo prompt.

This week’s photo

inspired my story:

The man watched Rebecca walk down the hill toward the lake. He looked at his watch, a grasshopper had perched itself upon it and he took it as a sign to remain calm and patient. He knew he might not find what he was looking for this first time and he reminded himself not to become agitated.

He slipped into the cabin and went into her room. Her robe lay on the bed and he picked it up. It was silk and felt nice against his skin. He could barely detect her scent and inhaled deeply. The moment only caused him pain and he cursed himself for being so easily taken. He threw the robe down and found her unpacked suitcase.

He ran his hand along the edges feeling for hidden compartments and unnatural bulges. He wanted to throw the contents on the floor, use a knife to slit the bag to shreds, but he knew he must be patient. His time would come. He took a deep breath and searched the bag again, careful not to upset the contents.

He looked at his watch. He had allowed himself fifteen minutes and his time was almost up. He felt the rage begin to boil and the ringing in his ears began. Again he inhaled. “Remember the grasshopper” he told himself and slipped out of the cabin.

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