Five Stories in Five Days: Day One

I was nominated to do this quite some time ago but I do not remember by who. If you see this post and its you please tell me. I’m so sorry for being a scatterbrain.

I’d like to nominate Jen Groeber at Mama Art. Jen please do not feel obligated to participate but I did want to give you a shout out and suggest your blog to those who may not have come across it yet. Jen is amazingly talented in sharing her world as a mother of four young children.

With that said let us get to our first picture and story.

A few months ago my grand-nephew who lives in Florida and whose 10th birthday was approaching was asked by his mother how he wanted to celebrate it. He said “Go to Pennsylvania to see my family”. Both his grandmothers live there (my sister is one) along with some aunts, uncles, cousins, and such. Others of us are in Maryland and in Virginia.

Conversations and brain storming ensued until a plan was formulated. My niece and her family were driving from Florida the first weekend in May. Save the date!

Soon a one day event became a weekend event which morphed into a Friday through Monday event for many of us when the location chosen turned out to be a campground that we had frequented when we were kids; a place where many of us had memories. And so the birthday party became a family reunion/birthday party with over 30 people in attendance.

My sister Lynn does screen printing and so she asked Damion (the birthday boy) to draw a picture of what he imagined his weekend was going to look like.

He drew this

I think this is an awesome drawing by an almost 10-year old.

I think this is an awesome drawing by an almost 10-year old.

And my sister created shirts for everyone.

My sister's creativity and expertise created shirts for all!

My sister’s creativity and expertise created shirts for all!

This is Day Two of my Five Day Post. Find the rest of the week by clicking the tag Five Stories.

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