Travel Theme: Hats

I;m so glad to see another hat challenge. It doesn’t seem like there has been one since I shared the hats from The Renaissance Festival last fall and even longer since I posted about The Hats of The Museum on O Street. I love hats! I wish they were still in style.

When I was in Gettysburg last fall I visited a neat little shop called Gallery 30. I found some interesting hats in there and shared them for a black and white challenge Black and White: Patterns. I promised to show them in color. So here they are.

Hats at Gallery 30 in Gettysburg PA

When I visited Culpeper Virginia in March with my friend Linda we went to a unique gift shop called The Camaleer. Linda had a gift certificate so she was shopping. I had my camera and I was browsing. One of the shop ladies came up to me and asked why I was taking pictures.

I told her “I have a photography blog and some times the other bloggers will challenge us to share pictures of different things and so I photograph many things normal people wouldn’t think to photograph.

For instance” I continued “Someone might say “Do you have any pictures of hats?” and while photographing a row of hats I said “Why yes I do”. She totally got it! Or pretended to.
Here’s the picture I took to explain why I take pictures of hats.

Mens hats at The Camaleer in Culpeper Virginia

And just so she knew I was serious I took a picture of the ladies hats.

Ladies hats at The Camaleer in Culpeper Virginia

Travel Theme: Hats

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