Sunday Photo Fiction: A Sweet Love Story

Welcome to Sunday Photo Fiction where every week we are challenged to write a 100-200 word story based on a photo prompt.

This week’s photo

inspired my story:

It started out as a blip in 2014. Some folks began giving up sugar for health reasons and suddenly many of their ailments subsided. They bragged about how good they felt and others began to take notice. The same thing had happened decades earlier with carbohydrates, trans-fats, and even gluten but none of those health fads caught on like the sugar naysayers.

Soon municipalities began to tax it. Too many people had given up smoking and deficits were to adding up. A new health threat was needed for people to hate and governments to tax. Sugar became the new poster child for bad health decisions.

Small town bakeries went out of business although some baked goods were still available from large retailers but they were expensive. Birthday cakes were no longer sugary treats and cookies were practically nonexistent.

Many people were able to adjust but for some of us the power of sugar was too real to deny. Soon bootleggers were supplying the wretched souls in underground tenements known as honey combs. I was luckier than most. Young and well endowed a former baker fell in love with me. He was known as the candy man and I was his sweetheart.

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