Five Stories: Day Three ~ Leading the Way

My niece Allie is 17 and she is a force in our family. She’s smart, beautiful, kind, helpful, and intelligent. The weekend reunion wouldn’t have went as well if not for Allie. Everyone loves her. Of course we all love each other, we are family, but Allie, well Allie is special.

After all the children had a turn at Pin the Head on the Lego Man, Allie announced that it was her turn. The little ones were giggly as they wrapped the blindfold around her and spun her three times. The laughter turned raucous when Allie became “lost” and stumbled her way out of the pavilion.

No worries, three little girls lead their leader back.

The girls helping "Aunt" Allie find her way back to the Lego Man

The girls helping “Aunt” Allie find her way back to the Lego Man

Today I nominate Dave of ParkInkSpot. I recently became a fan of Dave’s blog when I interacted with him on Friday Fictioneers. I enjoy Dave’s writing and I think this challenge is right up his alley and he could contribute some good stories if he chooses (no pressure Dave).

This is Day Two of my Five Day Post. Find the rest of the week by clicking the tag Five Stories.

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