Five Stories: Day Five ~ We Might Not Have Time for Pictures

I love my little sister, I really do, but sometimes she can be a bit spastic. Take for instance the day we were having a birthday party for her grandson. My niece had the pavilion from 2pm – 6 pm. At 4:30 my sister checked the itinerary and announced we needed to “get this place cleaned up to be out by 6:00”.
“Um…we still need to open presents and I want to take pictures of the families.” I reminded her.
“We might not have time for pictures” she said.

I’m still shaking my head over that statement. I got my pictures, none of us siblings together but I got some of the different families that were present and my step-mother with her grandchildren and another with her and her great-grandchildren. I made my sister take pictures with her kids. Of course she was worried about her hair but I got some good shots of the five of them.

I am sharing the worse one of the bunch because I love her and she is my little sister and it is what I do; and because she said something as crazy as “We might not have time for pictures”.


This is Day Five of my Five Day Post. Find the rest of the week by clicking the tag Five Stories.

Today I am nominating Alistair Phillips because I think he is hilarious and he just got a new camera. I look forward to what he comes up with if he decides to participate. If not, check out his blog anyway. He’s funny, I tell you.

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