Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: One

This week in my facebook photo group we are sharing pictures edited in sepia. I love sepia even though you don’t see it much on my blog.  I thought about doing a weekly post featuring these pictures but I haven’t done it…yet.

Perhaps you have heard that I am a bit under the weather? It’s minor but my condition has me off work and for the most part off my feet. I have had some extra time this week. I went through my sepia files and began eliminating. At one point I was down to 85. I got it down to 45. The rules say we are only suppose to share five pictures. I’m breaking the rules this week. I will probably share between 10 and fifteen.

Being kind of grounded like this makes one, especially at my age, take stock of their situation. Although I enjoy my singlehood (is that a word? spell check says “no”) I do worry about being sick and alone. It’s a lot different when you can grab your camera and jump in your car whenever you feel like it as opposed to having to sit at home with your feet up. Trust me, that’s not as wonderful as it sounds.

Anyway! One, alone, solitary, they all seem to be the theme for me this week and if you have read any of the flash fiction I posted on Wednesday you might think so too; especially the short stories Solitary Man and Splitting Up the Son .

Is it any wonder I chose these pictures for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: One?

Even when I am with my friends I am one.

Even when I am with my friends I am one.

My evening perch is a space occupied by one.

My evening perch is a space occupied by one.

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  1. I love both these photos. They’re both very striking in sepia. I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling under the weather. I’m sending healing thoughts your way right now!


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