Sunday Photo Fiction: Time to Move On

Welcome to Sunday Photo Fiction where every week we are challenged to write a 100-200 word story based on a photo prompt.

This week’s photo

inspired my story:

I stuck my hands deeper into the pockets of my rain coat and pulled the collar up to keep the mist off my neck. It was chilly but not freezing and yet I couldn’t stop shaking. I just wanted this night to be over.

I recognized the form of my ex-husband in the shadows, took a deep breath, and went to where he was standing.

“Hi” I said in a voice much friendlier than I felt. “Hello” he said in a voice much harsher than I recognized.

“Let’s get this done” he said and motioned for me to sit on the bench. He reached into his brief case and pulled out a folder. “It’s all very clear and simple” he explained. “Everything is divided equally. Thankfully we never had children.”

That one hurt. I felt the pain in my chest as I swallowed my tears. I had heard his new girlfriend was pregnant. I imagined it is why he wanted to hurry the divorce and not fight me on everything. Six months ago we couldn’t agree on anything.

“All you have to do is sign here and it will all be over with.”

I wished it were that simple.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: Time to Move On

  1. Excellent story. Great ending… And yet a great continuing point for a mystery of some sort. Is it really over or does the heroine of the story have other ideas – hmmmmm…..


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