Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse

So many things inspire me.

Cedar Creek Battlefield in Middletown Virginia

Cedar Creek Battlefield in Middletown Virginia


Locust lined roads (w)# (6)
A country road.
Woodstock Christian Church(w)
The gorgeous architecture of a stoned church.

DC Windows 1(w)# (2)


Belle Grove Barn Copycat(w)

A red barn

yellowflowers(w)# (6)

Yellow Flowers

But there is one place I return to again and again. Meems Bottom covered Bridge. I was there this weekend.

Meems Bottom covered Bridge

Meems Bottom covered Bridge

Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse

13 thoughts on “Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse

  1. Agreed! There are lots of things out there to inspire and feed our muse, and you’ve done a really great job of covering most of them; thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. I’m so glad all these things inspire you because I enjoy seeing them all. Especially the covered bridge, as we don’t have any here!


    • This bridge is about 40 minutes from me att the other end of the county. I always joke about how I can’t go by there without taking a picture. I don’t have any snow pictures though because I don’t drive in that crap! lol


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