Friday Fictioneers: What Race are You? “I am Green” said the Moth

Welcome to Friday Fictioneers where each week close to 100 people participate in a flash fiction challenge based on a photo prompt.


This week’s photo: Copyright: © Madison Woods

And now my 100 word story:

Hofman flew to the top of the sill. He looked down and could see another moth and knew he had landed where he belonged.

Luna looked up to see she had company. “Hello. I’m Luna. What’s your name?”

Hofman had no desire to talk to a green moth. He knew they were lazy and ignorant. “I’m Hofman” he bellowed in his most authoritative voice.

Luna winced at his tone but decided to try to get to know him better.
“Welcome to the neighborhood!”

Hofman scowled “What race are you?”
Confused Luna asked “What do you mean? I’m a moth. Just like you”.

74 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: What Race are You? “I am Green” said the Moth

  1. I love this take on the photo prompt! I always wonder what the moths on the wall are saying to each other. I hate to think of them judging each other though! Sadly, we probably all know at least one Hofman.


  2. So, all green moths are lazy? It’s sad that the only way some people can feel better about themselves is by putting someone else down. You did a great job communicating the message.


  3. Exceptional video, Dawn. I am inspired when I see articulate women say what they mean to say. I get frustrated with students who can’t get beyond generalizations during class discussions about controversial topics.


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