Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: I Had to Get a Sitter

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers uses a picture prompt and asks for stories between 75-175 words.

This picture from A Storyteller’s Abode
Inspired my story:

“Mom!’ I screamed. But she didn’t hear me. She was miles away, eons away. When I was a child growing up she was so meticulous; fixing my hair, removing stains from my cheeks with the force of her fingertips.

I thought she would do just as well watching my children, her grandchildren. But she had reached the end of her child rearing years.

I found her one day, in the bathroom, the needle lying beside her, her lips were blue. I called the squad. I had to tell dad, she left me no choice.

She was pissed. Not grateful, but pissed.

She moved in with her boyfriend. I had to get a sitter.

16 thoughts on “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: I Had to Get a Sitter

  1. This is so sad. Sad that she can no longer, emotionallly and physically, be there for her grandchild and sad because of what drugs do to families. Beautifully written Dawn! Thank you so much for participating in the weekly Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge!


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