Black and White: Beautiful to Me

What is Beautiful to Me? So many things. Here are but a few.

Sunflowers in Black and White(w)# (2)

BnW Clouds(w)# (4)

Still Water
Black and White Water(w)# (12)

Black and White Water(w)# (8)

Black and White Water(w)# (3)

BnW Clouds(w)# (3)

Country Roads
BnWII(w)# (13)


Goats  in blackNwhite

Goats in blackNwhite


Dog  in blackNwhite

Dog in blackNwhite




Please click on the individual picture to get a clearer view of that image

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: What is Beautiful to Me

Follow this link to see more of how I see Life in Black in White.

20 thoughts on “Black and White: Beautiful to Me

    • Yes, they turned out really well and are some of my favorites. I took this right after my former fiancee and I split on my first solo trip to DC or to anywhere, really. IDK why I am telling you this but it has to do with the feeling behind the photography.
      …and now I ma rambling. lol
      Have a good weekend Trisha!


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