The Angles of the Walnut Street Bridge

Last month while visiting Harrisburg, Pennsylvania I discovered this bridge and was drawn to it immediately. The Walnut Street Bridge is a wrought iron built by the Phoenix Bridge Company and opened it 1890. The bridge was damaged in 1972 Hurricane Agnes flood and was subsequently closed to motor vehicles and converted to a pedestrian and bikeway.

North American blizzard of 1996 caused rising flood waters and a large ice floe lifted two of its seven western spans off their foundations and swept them down the river.

The Walnut Street Bridge is one of the longest pedestrian bridges in the world and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972. It is also recognized as a Historic Civil Engineering Landmark.

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10 thoughts on “The Angles of the Walnut Street Bridge

  1. Dawn, I live in Harrisburg and I love that bridge! Perhaps someday you will be able to come visit again and cross it. The riverfront area is so gorgeous in general. I love seeing the bridges side by side like in a couple of your pictures. Got stuck in traffic on 83 this morning, coming back from the west shore and part of me was like – you know, with this view, I almost don’t mind! Anyway, I had to say something. When I saw the title Walnut Street Bridge, I was like – does she mean OUR bridge? Yes, you did! Okay, I have to confess, I love this city, the mountains and the river and the historic neighborhoods.

    Thanks so much for sharing these pictures and this reflection! Made me smile a lot.


    • Well that is nice to read Anne. It was a spur of the moment trip when I by chance ended up having several days off in a row. I decided to visit my siblings. Usually when I do that I go to Gettysburg. My brother lives in York and my sister in Hanover but I couldn’t find an affordable room and I wanted to stay two nights. Groupon offered this place in Harrisburg so I booked it. My sister works in Harrisburg but she said had never visited the city. She got us tickets to do the cruise on the Susquehanna and we went from there. IDK if I will ever go back but hey, I never planned to go in the first place.

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      • Oh I love Gettysburg too. I’ve never been on the cruise but have heard good things! If you’re ever in Gettysburg and your into sights you may want to take a side trip to emmitsburg. Gorgeous shrine on a hillside just in Maryland. Thx again for making my day with this. Just bought a house and so stressful and it helps to remember one of the reasons why here.


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