Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Home

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This picture
Inspired my story:

Jamie was born and raised in Montana. She grew up around horses and cowboys but she never did care for either one. Ever since Jamie was a little girl she wanted to move to New York City, wear a business suit, and make lots of money. Her parents always thought she would outgrow that ridiculous stage but she never did.

She went to school in Montana, got her degree, and then her master’s and she was ready for the move. She had a job and an apartment lined up, packed a few bags and was ready to shed her old life for something new, exciting, and glamorous.
They had a big going away party for her and lots of people cried, even Jamie, but she wasn’t deterred.

She loved New York as soon as her plane touched down. She loved the crowds, the tall buildings, and the atmosphere. It was as far away from Montana as you could get.

She met a few girls in her office and they planned an outing on Saturday to find some “wonderful cheap art” to decorate her tiny apartment. She told her new friends to be on the lookout for something abstract like Pollack.

Shuffling through the canvases she came upon a familiar scene; a cowboy and some horses. Jamie broke down and cried. She bought the painting and hung it in the hallway. It reminds her of home and where she comes from.

18 thoughts on “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Home

  1. Wonderful story Dawn! It’s hard for us to leave behind our roots. She couldn’t wait to get away from her “old” life and start her new life yet finds she misses it. Love the story! Thank you for participating in Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge. 🙂


  2. That’s nice she has the painting to remember where she came from because even if she is a city girl, the ranch life is still apart of her.


  3. I like the about-face in the end — she thinks she wants something modern and abstract, but it’s the reminder of the home she thought she couldn’t stand that hits her in the heartstrings. Nicely done.


  4. I love the balance of setting off on her own path but still wanting to keep and nourish her connection with “home and where she came from.” Moving onto the next chapter of her life doesn’t mean forgetting the wonderful chapters that came before it or being unable to go back every now and then to recharge (reunions). Distance hurts, but it can only sever familial ties if they let it. Great job with this!


  5. That’s a fantastic first paragraph! I could relate to this story – leaving some small place for a much larger one. And the wanting to stay connected to one’s roots even though she pulled up some of those roots and transplanted them elsewhere. Great story of our times these days.



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