Lingering Look at Architecture ~ October: The Devil is in the Details

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I love old buildings and the thing I especially love about old buildings is all the ornamental details that go into them. I was in Roanoke Virginia recently and couldn’t help but notice the details in these buildings.

In June I was in Washington DC and visited the National Building Museum. The ornamental details of this building are everywhere!

Bldg Museum Windows(w)# (7)

New buildings seem to be more about clean lines than ornamental touches but they are also about function and many times the details are on the inside. While in Roanoke, we stepped inside a beautiful building and found this staircase.

Roanoke Details(e)# (1)

I’m no architectural expert I only know what I like. I would love to see the details in your neighborhood. If you want to share some architectural details feel free to link up with this post from now until the end of October.

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