LOVE in Purcellville..or not

In the summer I visited Purcellville, Virginia to take pictures and learn about their LOVEworks. I was disappointed the tourist office (aka the Train Station) was closed on that Friday afternoon and that the sign itself was in disrepair (see the E).

The LOVEworks art in Purcellville was installed in April of 2013. The four 6-foot-high steel letters, spelling the word LOVE was created by the now defunct civic art group ArtSquare.

The L is covered with corks from Loudoun County wineries.
DC’s Wine Country logo is represented in the O
The V bears colorful grapes painted by artists at ArtSquare
The E is decoupaged with wine, beer and distillery labels from around the county.

My friend and I visited Purcellville again on Columbus Day only to find the sign had been removed. Again the tourist office was closed and no one seemed to know what happened to the sign. I’ve tried to contact the tourist office for information but so far my messages have gone unanswered. Perhaps it is being repaired.

However, I did get a sense of irritation from some residents who don’t like their Virginia neighborhood being described as DC’s Wine Country; and yet, the catch phrase continues to be promoted. I may need to visit these wineries and ask the owners how they feel about their sell out slogan.

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