Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Makeover Madness

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This picture
Inspired my story:

Marissa looked out at the people obliviously sipping their coffee. She found an empty chair and stood up on it. “May I have your attention!” she yelled. Few people looked up. They were mostly elderly and couldn’t hear her.

Frustrated she reached into her bag and pulled out her favorite weapon. She waved it at the crowd. “Listen to me!” she demanded.

The sight of the young woman waving a hair dryer in the air caught their attention and one by one the people quieted.

“I want to help you. My team, (and she pointed her hair dryer at the young men and women standing by her on the ground) wants to help you.”
“We are offering free makeovers to all of you today!”

A collective “Pfft” could be heard as the women went back to their conversations. Marissa was disappointed in the response. She thought this a great way to get publicity for her salon.

She stepped down from her chair and walked to the nearest table. An elderly woman wearing heavy makeup, too much blush, and a ghastly red lipstick looked up at her. “Do you think I need a makeover?” Marissa fumbled for her words. “Of course not. But wouldn’t you like one? It’s free.” “No thank you. I’m quite happy with the way I look”. She got the same response from the other women.

Dejected Marissa was about to leave when a man stopped her. “Do you do makeovers for men?” asked the senior. Marissa looked at his mostly bald head, his wrinkled ashen skin and sighed. Behind the man she saw other men eagerly waiting for her response.

Marissa hooked her arm in his and led him to her shop.

She put her hair dryer away and armed her staff with nose and ear hair trimmers.
To this day if you go to Canal Street you will find the best groomed senior citizen men in the county.

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  1. Haha. That’s a great story. The woman don’t see the need for self-improvement, but the men do. It’s probably nice to have some younger people to talk to as well.


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