Six Stories on the Sixth Day of the First Month

Vanessa looked around to see if anyone was watching and then she took out her phone. She read the message and felt her body respond. She knew it was wrong but she text him back.

George sucked on the cap of his pen. He remembered the days when he wrote his wife love letters. He tried to remember the words he used so long ago and then he hit send.

Jill looked at her reflection in the mirror. She knew she wasn’t the same young woman George had married so many years ago but as she turned sideways she saw she had kept her splendid figure.

Howard, often described as cantankerous, had worked hard all his life and now that he neared retirement he wasn’t keen on handing over the reins to his son-in-law, George. He just didn’t trust him.

Joseph was torn. His mother was a beautiful woman but he knew his father cheated every chance he got. His grandfather was about to step down from the family business. Joseph wanted to tell him what he knew but he didn’t want to betray his father.

Amanda felt no such obligation. She had hired a PI to spy on her father’s extracurricular activities. When she had gathered the evidence she met with her grandfather. She unfurl the photographs and exposed her father’s transgressions.
Howard named his granddaughter as the new CEO at Monday’s board meeting.

Six on the Sixth Writing Challenge: Use the words: Wrong, Cap, Splendid, Cantankerous, Torn, and Unfurl to write Six (very) short stories.

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