Weekly Quote: On the Fence with Tolkien

I found myself, last week, in a political conversation with someone who believes the extreme opposite of what I believe. He knows it and I know it. Personally I see nothing that can been gained in debating with him, especially given his level of conviction on various topics.

He tried to engage me but I avoided the conversation first by side stepping it, then by making a joke, and finally flat-out telling him I would not discuss these topics with him. He then called me ignorant, and I walked away. The world is full of people like this. Sometimes I think I walk away too much.

Fence Tolkien

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22 thoughts on “Weekly Quote: On the Fence with Tolkien

  1. Interesting topic. For me it depends who I’m speaking with ~ friend or acquaintance. And if it’s someone who wants to have a discourse of ideas or if it’s obvious they are on a soapbox.

    I enjoy hearing other perspectives especially when someone’s ideas are completely opposite of mine or if they are from another country.

    Sometimes I reiterate what they say back to them and I have found when they hear how ridiculous they sound coming from someone else, they pause a little longer to think about their stance. But then, again, I too walk away if I find myself “reacting” to their comments. And I’m sure people have walked away from me as well 😉

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  2. I don’t think it’s bad to walk away sometimes from something like that, when neither of you is going to change your minds. I find that usually engaging someone about politics rarely makes things better, although it is interesting sometimes to hear the other perspective. Great quote and picture, by the way. I’m a huge Tolkien fan.
    -David (a la Green-Walled Tower)


    • I too enjoy hearing opposing views. I think its good to understand what others think, especially those who have opinions different from your own. I also enjoy a healthy debate. But I am not ready or prepared to go into battle with someone who I could never sway. Its not good for the relationship or my blood pressure.

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  3. We had a political debate between family members the other day. We decided never talk about this subject again. It is good for the family freedom but – I don’t think it is right.


  4. It is the same with my sister – I try to side step but she keeps at it and then when I give in to voice my opinion she gets mad with me because I do not agree with her and starts to name call too. It is to the point I don’t like to go over there much any more. I recently told her again, I am willing to discuss anything but if she is not willing then she is not share her opinions with me anymore. I will not water down my faith in Christ to appease her way of thinking. There is a difference between healthy conversations and heated discussions and the past few years she has gotten pretty nasty about our differences. She is the only one left in my family and she has been building a wall for years.


    • That is certainly challenging and yes there is a difference between a healthy conversation and a heated discussion. I hope your sister will soon accept you for who you are and share in your similarities rather than fight over your differences. Life is too short not to enjoy the company of sisters.


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