Just Another Thursday Night

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This picture from Etol Bagam

Inspired my story:

Glen chalked his name up on table #6. It was Thursday night and 6 was his lucky number. He ordered a draft and looked around. The usual’s were filing in. They signed below Glen and made their way to the bar. Glen tried to remain calm but he knew this was a big night. He waited until Joe got his bourbon and coke and then he followed him to his table. Gambling wasn’t allowed but that didn’t stop it. In fact it was an unwritten code that if you didn’t gamble you were considered a pussy.

Glen was not a pussy. He was a working man with a family and that made things a little tricky. So far, he had been able to wrangle money out of the budget without his wife ever suspecting but he didn’t want to press his luck.

He felt good about tonight. Tonight he would pay it all back!

If you are interested there is a sort of prequel to this story here and a sequel here.

16 thoughts on “Just Another Thursday Night

  1. Oh, no. They problem when gambling becomes you risking ‘a lot’ of money. Why not keep it fun and just put in. Twenty dollars each. Not too much spent. But still a good prize at the end. Hope he can stop gambling since he truly can’t handle it. Great story.


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