We Might As Well Make It Legal

It was almost dark before I went out to the barn. There were a few chores that needed to be done. It was Thursday night pool night in town and my husband was out late, again, so it was up to me to do them.

I’d already worked all day, came home and helped the kids with their homework and fed them supper. I would like to be washing the dishes up now, giving the kids their baths, and tucking them in, so that maybe I could read for a few minutes before I went to sleep. But the clock was ticking and the sun was setting.

Tomorrow was another day and I would need to get up and do it all again. I might also call my lawyer. It seems I am already single. We might as well make it legal.


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20 thoughts on “We Might As Well Make It Legal

  1. The message comes across very clearly – a sad and familiar story. It wouldn’t hurt the husband to miss pool nights now and again! Ironically, if they do split up, she’ll probably be looking after the kids herself anyway.


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  4. I read The gambling Man first and you hooked me. Love to read more about both characters. Maybe even the kids. A familiar story line made interesting and intriguing by your easy, laid back writing style.


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