The Gambling Man

Glen climbed the steps from under the bridge. It was morning and he was feeling stiff. Sleeping on a cardboard box did that to you.

When his wife threw him out last year he moved into a hotel. Eventually that became too expensive so he tried a shelter, but found them overcrowded. Six weeks living outdoors, he lost his job.

Now he stands on the corner with the migrant workers, hoping for a day’s pay. If he could work today, he thought, he would be able to play pool tonight. He threw his shoulders back hoping to attract a potential employer.


This week’s PHOTO PROMPT © Amy Reese

Today’s story uses the same character, Glen, who is in two other stories that posted today. If you are interested you can read them here and here.

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly 100 word writing challenge inspired by a picture prompt. Click here to read other stories.

49 thoughts on “The Gambling Man

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  3. I feel a bit sorry for this guy. Maybe he was a bad husband, but everyone deserves a home and losing his job onto of being kicked out was bad luck. I hope he gets to play pool,
    Well written.


  4. I’m reminded of a video I saw where men and women in white-collar office apparel stood around on a corner. A Mexican pulled up in a pick-up and hollered, “I need an accountant, one office manager, and two customer service people.” Hands shot up in the air. He picked three or four from the crowd for a one-day job.

    I’m still hoping to be CEO for a day. 🙂


  5. I know that gambling is an addiction, and that addiction turns your brain off, but I still can’t feel sorry for the guy. He maneuvered himself into a mess, and I don’t see the will to get out of this. Great story, I read the other two as well, makes a great trilogy.


  6. Poor guy is in big trouble. Can’t see how he is going to get back on his feet. Can understand why his wife threw him out. So sad. Hope he gets a job, anyhow – somebody needs to keep the gambling industry fed with profits.


  7. So many find themselves in this situation, sadly. Made me think of the movie with Mare Winningham called “God Bless The Child” in which circumstances find her homeless (no gambling involved though!)


  8. Great description, Dawn, that makes the story realistic. It seems he intends to play pool for money which might be iffy unless he’s very good and not just addicted to gambling. He needs help badly so he can start again. Really sad. He’s fallen through the cracks in the social system. Well written. — Suzanne


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