Searching for Warhol

Dee looked around trying to gauge where she was. Her heart skipped a beat when she spied the spinet but eased when she saw the exhibit rope.

It wouldn’t be good for a woman dressed in a mini-skirt to land in the 17th century. If someone had discovered her immediately she would be executed as a witch before she could find the portal home. She reminded her brothers each time, how dangerous it was for a woman to time travel and to be extremely cautious when entering the year.

Dee followed the smell of burning marijuana around the corner and knew they got it right.

This week’s PHOTO PROMPT © Jan W. Fields

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50 thoughts on “Searching for Warhol

  1. Interesting story. I can see how it would very dangerous to be a woman alone in certain time periods. Glad she got it right!


  2. Eerie. I toyed with time travel this morning and considered the witch hitch, then dismissed the idea. Glad I did, because your story would have made mine look pretty flimsy.

    Great writing, Dawn!


  3. Ha! This made me laugh. Our writing practice group had to write a story about being back in the 1960’s. Many are quite a bit older than I am and came up with some whoppers about drug, sex and rock and roll.


  4. A mini-skirt in the 17th century, yeah she would have some explaining to do. I liked how your covered the mini-skirt, witches and pot in the expanse of 100 words. Brava, Dawn!


  5. Good time-travel story, Dawn. Our son told one of his teachers that his parents weren’t hippies during the late 60’s. Actually, we were both a bit too old. The first time I saw a hippie in conservative Akron, Ohio I was driving and nearly ran off the road. Well done. 🙂 — Suzanne


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