Best of the Week: What a Difference a Week Can Make

We had 30 plus inches of snow last week and being how I am not a spry young thing I stayed safely put for five days. When I did go out I didn’t go far so just like last week my pictures are pretty local as a matter of fact I was on the same road as last week but this time there was snow.

Belle Grove Rd after the Snow

Winter is by no means my favorite season but as a visual person I seek to find the beauty in everything. Click here to see my vision of Winter.


17 thoughts on “Best of the Week: What a Difference a Week Can Make

  1. Lovely shot. I stayed in for about four days and a wonderful neighbor cleared my steps. I finally paid a couple of guys to dig out my car. But if I had waited two more days, the sun would have taken care of it. It is amazing how much has already melted. We got about 23 inches. 🙂


  2. This is such a beautiful scene. I love all the contrast and the dark and brooding clouds. It’s such a different mood that the soft, foggy look the road had for the photo you posted this week. I love them both!


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