Best of the Week: It Happened in Three’s

I tried, I really did. I tried to choose a better photo than another view of the same road that was my best of for the last two weeks. But here is the thing(s).
1. This is five minutes from my house.
2. It’s winter. I don’t go out much in the winter, unless I have too and then I don’t go far (obviously).
3. THIS is a very photogenic road.

It was an amazing afternoon, photographically speaking. Sound familiar? Perhaps you read this?

Belle Grove Rd Snowfog

I did take a few other pictures this week I uploaded them here.

25 thoughts on “Best of the Week: It Happened in Three’s

  1. This is beautiful too! I love that you shared three such different looks on the same road. I like the soft, foggy look in this photo. It looks so peaceful!


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