The Exporting Business


David chewed on his cigar and gazed out his window. A plan began to form in his head. It was risky but the payoff was huge. He loved to take risks, it was what had made him so successful all these years. He had become a very rich man by taking risks.

David was also shrewd. He prided himself on good decision-making. He thought about his wife. 30 years of marriage to one woman was long enough. He needed to be rid of her.

Divorce was out of the question. It was not just the money he would lose or half of his business but she knew too much to make an enemy of her. And then there were the children to consider. They would most likely take her side and he wouldn’t see his grandchildren. No divorce was not an option.

He called her on the phone, like he did every afternoon. He made a date for late that night and asked her to meet him at his office. She had done this many times before. There was no reason for her to be suspicious. He told her how much he loved her and became aroused as his plan formulated.

As if on cue his secretary quietly knocked and let herself in. God she was beautiful, and so young, just as his wife had once been. Looking at her filled David with a desire he had not known in a long time. She was definitely worth the risk.

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